AJ Garden ECR

If your are looking for a small family or friends get together, this AJ Garden ECR is the best option for your search. This private farm house in ecr has 2 AC bedrooms with 3 king size cots available, in this max 10 people can occupy.

This ECR Beach Villa is located 1km away from Mayajal, which is located next street to Chettinad Farm House.

Amenities in AJ Garden ECR

  • 2 AC Bedrooms, 1 bedroom in ground floor and 1 bedroom in first floor
  • Attached westernized restrooms available in both the bedrooms
  • Located in kanathur ECR
  • 2.5km distance to beach
  • Swiggy, Zomatto, catering service available
  • Dinking water, private car parking, available
  • Swimming pool 3 feet to 5 feet depth 

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