Dormitory Rooms in Kodaikanal

Our dormitory rooms in kodaikanal gives inexpensive group stay with a massive experience. 

By entering the room, guest will feel a sense of relaxation and comfort with ultra luxury.

This budget group stays in Kodaikanal has 3 double cots beds and 1 single cot bed. In additional to that upper portion includes flimsy beds and lumpy mattresses.

Moreover, there are two en-suite attached restrooms with hot water facility.

Full room is fully sanitized and mosquito repellent used, to have deep sleep and free from bedbugs and mosquito.

Our dormitory suite room offers privacy and serenity to its guests and having an unobstructed views towards the beautiful kodaikanal hills.

The peaceful ambiance typical of the Kodaikanal and the harmony with nature will ensure that all guests will have an memorable time on our property.

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Amenities in Dormitory Rooms in Kodaikanal

  • 20 members capacity
  • Private car parking space
  • 2 attached westernized restrooms
  • Beds and mattress facility for all
  • camp fire with additional cost  

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