Beach House for Birthday Party in ECR

There is a sense of comfort and memories in every party that you host in this Beach House for Birthday Party in ECR.

Zira Holidays beach houses in ECR is part of your birthday party celebrations that always stays with you even when you depart for your next party.


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Beach Bay
Beach Bay

Beach House for Birthday Party

To choose Chennai Beach Houses is to make lifelong memories under a spell of sea, beach and sun. Our party space is a tranquil haven for those who seek peace and quiet.

 The exciting prospect of fun and games in the soft sand followed by a paddle in the pool is just too much to resist!

Our catering service in ECR are little continents of pleasure for foodies. Night birds too feel right at home in this ECR beach house paradise. 

This category beach houses are affordable and makes sure that the guests have every necessary facility at their function. Amenities including air conditioning, refrigerator and an attached bathroom along with a host of various other amenities such as LED TV with satellite television,  decors and more.

Feel stunning with the beach vibes and utmost fun when you party in our beach house for party. 

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