Chettinad Farm House ECR

Chettinad Farm House ECR is part of the exclusive farm house for rent community of Chennai Beach Houses.

Despite its secluded feel, this farm house for hire is only a few minutes’ walk from the nearest beach.

Party hard in the greenish lawn space at this farm house in chennai, where you’re set up in a tented suite that far outshines. For pure luxury in the wild greenish, draw a bath in a standalone outdoor swimming pool with a few passing birds for company.

A stay at Chettinad Beach House lets you experience the ECR’s natural beauty in an intimate environment. Steps from your door are a stretch of remarkable protected garden area.

Building interior is built along with Chettinad style construction and outdoor architecture. This is one of the best traditional holiday spot for family and friends. .

ECR Farm House for rent is the ideal place to spend your days relaxing by the water or at private area.

Amenities in Chettinad Farm House

  • 3 air conditioned bedrooms
  • Attached Restrooms in bedrooms
  • Greenish garden space for social events, family function or corporate events
  • Private swimming pool is available
  • 500 meters walk able distance to beach

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